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5 Ideas for Your Last Minute Festive Marketing Campaign

The festive season is rapidly approaching, and while many have already crossed items off their Christmas shopping lists, there are still some waiting to be ticked off.

And since all opportunities are worth seizing, here are a few easy methods to take advantage of the festive shopping spree this December:

1. Add a festive lightbox to your website to highlight a featured product or service

Lightboxes are windows that appear within your website window in response to a trigger or when a certain amount of time has passed. Have you ever noticed pop-up subscription boxes while browsing a website? These lightboxes are simple to make and don't require the creation of a new page. Instead, go to your Wix Editor, look for "Lightboxes," and choose your preferred design: centred, half page, side banner, and so on.

Lightboxes can include all of the same design components as a regular page, so don't forget to include photos, text, and a call to action. This will assist your clients concentrate their attention on a specific product or service.

2. Create a discount coupon to encourage sales

Creating a discount or a coupon code for your goods or service could increase sales and interest in it. Wix has made it simple to generate these codes, which can be based on a specific amount or a percentage discount.

Head over to your website dashboard, select Marketing & SEO, and select Coupons. Here is a useful link on how to set them up.

3. Create a festive email marketing campaign

Although the prospect of sending out an email campaign can be daunting, data shows that the vast majority of individuals are happy to hear from businesses they have subscribed to once a week.

It's easy to put off launching that campaign (I'm guilty of it), but email marketing makes it simple to stay in front of your customers' minds. You should send an email marketing campaign if you have anything interesting to communicate, such as a blog post, experience, article, or client success story. To set it up, head over to your Wix Dashboard and select Email Marketing.

4. Run a free webinar or workshop

You undoubtedly already know that quality value exchange leads to good sales and long-term consumer connections. It's much easier and more beneficial to establish a solid relationship by providing value to your customers first, even before they have purchased from you. If you're looking to attract new customers, host a free webinar or workshop where everyone can get a taste of your product or service. The investment is small, but the potential is considerable. If you organize them on a regular basis, you'll notice that clients will come to you rather than the other way around.

To organize these events, you can use Wix Events, a powerful tool to manage your events online and offline.

5. Offer payments in instalments

Does the purchase of your product or service come with a considerable investment? Consider partnering with a financial services company to let your consumers spread the expense of their purchase over time. Explore "buy now pay later" options from companies like Paypal or Iwoca. These are great ways to help your customers buy from you, without breaking the bank.

If you need assistance building up a last-minute marketing strategy, please contact us at We will assist you in getting organized and navigating the season successfully.

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