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Announcing Wix Studio - The New Wix Technology for Agencies & Creators

Updated: Mar 4

Have you heard the exciting news? Wix Studio has officially launched, and here at AST & Partners, we are absolutely delighted to adopt it from day one and take full advantage of all the benefits it offers.

Wix Studio is a groundbreaking platform that takes web creation and development to new heights for agencies and freelancers. We can't wait to explore the countless advantages of integrating Wix Studio into our web design and development process.

This innovative new tool combines advanced design and development capabilities that were available exclusively to Editor X, with a seamless workflow to bring a new level of quality and efficiency to our projects.

With Wix Studio, we can now design and develop exceptional websites with advanced animations, personalised content, and fully-responsive layouts tailored to your needs. Wix Studio empowers us to add interactive elements and dynamic designs without the need for complex coding, making the process quicker and more efficient.

Wix Studio also enables us to meet any of your unique needs with its robust code environment and open platform support. We're excited to build and offer reusable applications, providing increased opportunities for your website.

Here are some of the advantages of using Wix Studio:

  • Advanced design capabilities built for efficiency

  • Seamless adaptability to every screen size

  • AI-powered content generation for high-quality text and images

  • Dynamic user experiences with interactive design elements

  • Customisable designs and animations without complex coding

  • Intuitive user experience for efficient web development

  • Efficient project management and collaboration

  • Personalised client-facing dashboard and editor for smooth collaboration

  • Advanced capabilities to meet any client needs

  • Robust code environment for streamlined development

  • Reusable applications creation and expanded opportunities

The enhanced design process is supported by advanced AI-powered features, helpful to our startup and scaleup clients, allowing us to create projects with greater efficiency and speed: improved design capabilities, responsive layouts, and personalised dashboards. With these cutting-edge tools, we can build great websites that demand fewer resources and reduce the development time.

At AST & Partners, we are delighted to embark on this new journey with Wix Studio, and we can't wait to show you all the incredible possibilities it brings to our collaboration.

If you have any questions or want to experience Wix Studio firsthand, get in contact with us or schedule an introductory call.


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