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Wix Studio Website

Take your web design to the next level with Wix Studio.


Our team at AST & Partners specialises in utilising the advanced capabilities and features of Wix Studio to create fully responsive CSS website designs.


From professional design to e-commerce functionality, we can help you achieve your desired website goals with the latest technology.


With Wix Studio, you will have endless design capabilities, fully responsive web design, native business solutions, and so much more.

Let's work together!

Ready to create a fully responsive design with WIX STUDIO?

We are extremely pleased with how he took our vision, added his creativity to what we wanted, and produced a website we are extremely proud of.

L Beatty

Giga Robotics

100% Responsive

The key feature of Wix Studio is the ability for us designers to work with a responsive layout. This means that your website will look great on any screen size. We use advanced grid technology to position elements in a layout that stays optimised at every breakpoint: desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone. We can also take advantage to design on the full canvas, giving more flexibility for unique, non-traditional designs.

Access to Dashboard

Wix Studio will come with a Dashboard with features like Email Marketing, Analytics, CRM, Contacts Databases, Advanced Collections and more. You will retain access to the editor and will be able to make updates and small changes on your own. That means that you can keep your website up to date, without having to rely on an expert or agency.

Powered by Wix

Working on a Wix platform means you can take advantage of all the security features and server capacity that Wix offers. It also includes a vast selection of apps and integrations that allow you to build advanced functionality for your MVP: booking services, e-commerce, hotel reservations and more.

Easy SEO Setup & Maintenance

Wix Studio websites are optimised for speed automatically. Images or media loaded in the design are automatically compressed to give the best load speed for every website visitor and still maintain the original media quality. This is important for user experience and search engine rankings (SEO).

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