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Are You Tracking These 10 Key Website Metrics for Success in 2024?

Updated: Feb 26

Every website owner should stay ahead of the curve by tracking key performance metrics. Why you ask? You can gain valuable insights into your website's performance, user behaviour, traffic insights, the effectiveness of your marketing strategies and many more.

Which website metrics should you track? We've made a list of 10 key website metrics every business owner should know.

1. Site sessions and unique visitors

One of the first report you will look into is the number of visitors, this will give you a good insight of "are people visiting my website?". The number will tell you if your website is getting more, less or stagnant traffic.

Traffic overview dashboard in Wix Studio

2. Sessions by traffic source and traffic category

Traffic sources measures where your website traffic is coming from. There are four main traffic sources: direct, organic search, referral and paid search.

This report will help you measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts (or lack of).

sessions by traffic category dashboard in Wix Studio

3. New vs Returning Visitors

This report will track the number of people visiting your website for the first time versus the "returning" visitors and gives you an insight of your website's ability to attract and retain an audience.

new versus returning visitors analytics in wix dashboard

4. Sessions by device

This data can be valuable for optimising your website's design and content for specific audiences.

sessions by device report on Wix Studio dashboard

5. Sessions by country

Understand the geographic locations of your visitors and how to adapt your content. Are you looking to expand your business to another country? This will give you a good idea of the number of visitors and their location.

10 key website metrics you should track

6. SEO - report from Google Search Console

Utilise tools like Google Search Console and SEO Assistant in Wix to receive detailed reports on your website's SEO performance. Monitor key metrics such as impressions, clicks and what pages have increased / decreased in impressions and search queries.

SEO performance report from Google Search Console

SEO assistant wix dashboard

7. Benchmarks

Compare your marketing performance against industry benchmarks to measure your standing within your niche. Identify areas of improvement and implement strategies to outperform competitors.

10 key website metrics you should track

8. Organic Search

Monitor the performance of your website in organic search results. Track keyword rankings, click-through rates, and impressions for valuable SEO insights.

organic search report in Wix dashboard

organic search report in Wix dashboard

9. Bounce Rate

This report will help you measure the number of visitors who leave your website without taking any action (clicking on a button to go to another page, click on related blog post, or any of your call to action buttons). Reducing your bounce rate is essential to your website's health and conversion rates.

bounce rate report in wix dashboard

10. Most Popular Page

This report shows you the top pages of your websites, they are the most visited and bring the most page views and conversions. The most popular page report can help you understand which pages have a greater impact and can guide your strategy for updates and changes.

most popular page report in wix dashboard

By consistently monitoring these 10 key website metrics, you'll be equipped with the insights needed to make informed decisions and optimise your online presence.

Whether you are focused on increasing website traffic, refining marketing strategies, or enhancing SEO performance, a data-driven approach is key to achieving your digital goals.

What do you need most help with? Idea generation, copywriting, design or analytics? Let us help you grow your business.


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