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Award Winning Agency AST & Partners

Updated: Mar 4

Founded back in 2020 by Andrei Stoica, the London based web design studio AST & Partners is proud to receive the Wix Partner Award for exceptional work.

“Each month, we recognise and shine a light on a different Partner who is blazing a trail within the digital space. We share the inspiration, insights, work goals and secrets that set the company apart. This month’s winner is AST & Partners, which is demonstrating excellence in the outstanding interactive design category.”

The secret to success is teamwork and partnership. Stockholm-based Josef Elias, founder of web agency Wiklex often collaborates on client projects with AST & Partners, complementing their skills in design and development and supporting each other when demand is high and resources low.

Building a website for the Swedish hardware design firm Spaces Within was the first of these partnerships. The site, created with Editor X, combines expressive imagery, elegant typography, and lots of white space to wonderfully encapsulate Scandinavian style. As a consequence, the website is slick and simplistic, and it helped AST & Partners win this month's Wix Partner Award for exceptional interactive design.

In its two years of business, AST & Partners has built a solid portfolio of work for more than 70 clients. We are grateful and dedicate this award to Josef at Wiklex.

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Marisa Sim
Marisa Sim
Oct 05, 2022

Congrats! Well deserved

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