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Case Study in Editor X: DEFY Brands

We are so excited to announce our latest project: DEFY Brands, a brand consultancy formed from a passion for doing the right thing, for kindness and stewardship to be woven into business.

Built with Editor X, the new design is interactive but not overwhelming keeping a clean look throughout the website.

Why Editor X?

Endless design capabilities in a fully-responsive framework perfect for a modern, forward thinking business ready to innovate.

Special Features: Sticky Position / Grid / Blog / Forms / Text Scale / Stack / Repeater / Scroll Interactions

In Editor X, you can create special effects, scroll interactions and animations that will give a new level of interactivity to your website.

DEFY Brands new website delivers a powerful narrative alongside engaging visuals, using Editor X elements such as scaleable fonts and images, repeaters and custom breakpoints for a fully responsive website.

Custom Cursor

We place a high value on quality design and working with your clients in achieving their branding goals.

For DEFY Brands website, we have created a custom cursor using code to match the branding triangle call to action buttons - check it out here:

Should your website be in Editor X too?

With Editor X you can craft dynamic web experiences for every screen size. Use layouting tools to display unique content in multiple boxes with uniform styling, set a minimum and maximum font size to ensure text gradually scales in relation to the screen size.

If you are looking for professional support to design your new website in Editor X, get in contact with our team on or book a call in our diary directly here.


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