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Case Study in Editor X: Equ.aL

Updated: 3 hours ago

We are excited to share with you our latest project.

Built in Editor X, Equ.aL is a beautiful and avant-garde website designed for the creative digital community.

What is Equ.aL?

Asia's leading agency for celebrities and influencers, an exciting collaboration in Social Commerce of the best from Korea and China.

Design and layouting:

Equ.aL was built using a CSS grid with precise control over the positioning of elements at every breakpoint and layouting tools to display unique content in multiple boxes with uniform styling.

Interactions and effects:

We have used sticky position to pin elements to the screen, staying visible during scroll, setting a specific point where the element unsticks and scrolls with the rest of the site.

Transparent Videos

A landing page scroll as you've never seen before. Click to see more

If you have any questions about Editor X or our case study, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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