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Case Study in Editor X: New AST & Partners Website

Updated: Mar 4

On 1st November 2021, we have launched our brand new AST & Partners website, and together with this, a brand new domain:

Built in Editor X, this is a fully responsive design with interactive elements that showcase the state-of-the-art capabilities of this next generation website building platform by Wix.

What is Editor X?

Editor X is an advanced creation platform for designers and web professionals that combines cutting edge responsive design with smooth drag and drop development to incredible new designs.

Why did we choose to build in Editor X?

Having worked with almost 50 clients and still growing, we want to be leaders of the next-generation web design and demonstrate what can be achieved with the right set of skills and resources.

As we shift into a new era of digital experiences, a website should no longer be just an information resource, but an immersive event that sends three dimensional signals and connects with your audience and consumers.

This is why having a fully responsive design, together with the ability to use scaleable fonts, images and transparent videos, made Editor X an obvious choice.

Slight Rebranding

Realising that the word "agency" is used by a wide variety of companies in our sector, we acknowledge that what makes us different is the care, attention and time we dedicate to each client. While an agency can serve too many customers at the same time, we are seeking a more personalised approach with every project that we build, so much that we believe the word "studio" is more appropriate to describe the team and how we work.

And of course, London - the city of dreams and innovation - we inhabit this city with gratitude, and so it's only appropriate to add it to our tagline. AST & Partners: Web Design Studio London.

Fully Responsive

Why is responsiveness so important? It makes sure that your website offers the same experience your visitors are looking for, regardless of the screen size they are navigating on: mobile, tablet, desktop - each breakpoint offers the same experience.

Interactions, Animations & Transparent Video

In Editor X, you can now benefit from new ways to interact with a web page: some elements are moving while others stick, transparent video hovers over images, background is controlled with scroll, and more.

This gives a new level of interactivity that engages with your visitors and captivates attention. See how these elements are combined together on our new Portfolio page.

Should your website be in Editor X too?

You have to consider the field of your business and how important your customers perception is to you. Do you want to introduce yourself as a modern, forward thinking business ready to innovate? Then Editor X may be the right thing for you.


- It requires more expert knowledge and skill

- Takes longer to develop

- More complex post-delivery maintenance (hard to self-maintain)


- Endless design capabilities in a fully responsive framework

- Contemporary design and modern interactions will future-proof your website

- Supports Velo (development with code) - which makes almost everything possible to create

If you are looking for professional support to design your new website in Editor X, get in contact with our team on or book a call in our diary directly here.


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