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Case Study in Wix Editor: Extend Robotics

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

We are so pleased to have worked with Extend Robotics on developing and designing their brand new website, launched earlier in October 2021.

Built with Wix Editor, this new design shows the innovative and unprecedented approach to the future of robotics by Extend Robotics.

What is Extend Robotics?

Extend Robotics mission is to extend human capability beyond physical presence. They develop cloud-based human-robot interface software for non-robotic experts to tele operate and program robotic manipulators remotely for physical tasks.

What's unique about their website?

We created a modern approach to navigate the website by designing each page from the ground up. We used vast white areas to create focus on essential features and messaging, using a black and white theme.

The goal was to build something that would stand out and give the impression that this is a forward-thinking firm that is excited about the future and the influence they can have in the field of robotics.

To make the navigation experience more exciting and engaging, we employed a variety of interactive components such as hover effects and scroll effects.

The design is media-driven, with a focus on presenting a future vision in which robots assist businesses and organisations in achieving more ambitious goals.

Typeface Selection, Design Quality and Media Content Screening

Exceptional design strategy and execution are at the center of our concept design.

When we create websites, we place a high value on quality and design as it not only assists customers in achieving their branding goals, but it also adds a line to our business card in terms of portfolio and experience.

Our goal with Extend Robotics was to design a fresh version of their brand that would entice investors and potential clients to partner with them instead of their competition.

Should your website be in Wix Editor too?

Wix Editor could be the appropriate platform for you if you want to build a website that is secure, stable, and gives you the ability to start or scale up your business over time. With Wix, one of the most popular content management systems (CMS), you can avoid the high expense of establishing a new website using the traditional way to develop, without sacrificing quality, flexibility, or security.

Wix already provides a large number of pre-designed and ready-to-use elements that can help you create something unique. Adding a few lines of code to that may mean that with Wix and Velo, anything is possible. Wix servers allow you to scale from a one-man band to a global corporation from a day to another, without worrying about scalability.

If you are looking for professional support to design your new website in Editor X, get in contact with our team on or book a call in our diary directly here.


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