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Case Study: MOVEQ Intelligent Motion

Published website:

MOVEQ offers three dimensional training that will make you fall in love with exercise. Their workouts teach you to develop full body synchronisation and enhance body functionality. MOVEQ was developed by world class industry experts.

We were assigned to redesign this advanced website with the following objectives:

  • Create a new logo and branding guidelines

  • Improve site architecture and navigation for easier browsing and a more frictionless experience

  • Create a more user-friendly experience oriented towards conversion and lead generation

  • Build out code-developed interactive features

  • Improve SEO performance

  • Build a Virtual Room for online courses and classes available with a subscription

  • Add support for multilingual in: English, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch and German


Discovery, Planning, Developing

MoveQ helps people of all ages with different competences improve their movement functionality together with their cognitive and social skills. 3D functional training is a concept where the body is conditioned to move through multiple planes of motion such as sideways, forwards & backwards and in rotation.

The first objective was to create newer, more modern branding guidelines, in line with the company's soul and vision. Based on the newly designed brand and logo, we set off to create a new structure to the redesigned website, driven by content redesign and redistribution.

The idea was to provide visitors more opportunities to engage with MOVEQ and to increase volume of leads and conversion through call-to-action points. Interactive features made with custom built code offer an easy way to navigate the content of the website, and offer a clear and concise structure to the website.


Virtual Room, SEO & Support for Multilingual

With more activities moving in the digital space, MOVEQ wanted to solidify its position online and create a Virtual Room where content such as online classes, training material and other interactive videos could be published.

We developed a Video Channel with multiple sub-channels that can be accessed via subscription: free trial, monthly or annual payment.

And since MOVEQ is based in the Netherlands, but their activity expands across other European countries such as Denmark, Germany and Sweden, we have also built a multilingual function to the new website, featuring content in different languages, including an initial set-up and SEO in English.

Visit finished website:

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