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Editor X: 10 Unique Websites for Web Design Inspiration

Updated: Mar 4

Understanding the best-designed websites in the world may help inspire your own work and provide insights into your unique taste and style, whether you're a newbie in web design or an experienced designer.

The image of a brand conveys a lot of information about its worth, and web design plays a big part in that. In order to establish engaging interactions between the medium and the user, the finest websites rely on distinctive digital experiences designed to catch the interest and attention of its visitors.

Here are 10 websites to inspire from for your next Editor X Website:

Why we like it: It's a unique method to provide your users an immersive experience. Each area has a different manner of navigating the website. The visuals are reminiscent of a video game from the early 2000s, and the design exudes inventiveness and individuality.

Why we love it: Who said it was a bad idea to use as many colours as possible? To create an appealing and distinctive mosaic layout, this example combines colourful containers, typography, and photos. This website is prodly designed by AST & Partners. Get in contact with us to see if we can build a unique website for you too.

Why we like it: This website has a unique design because to the dynamic animations and visuals. Using transparent video in Editor X, you may obtain a similar effect. The dark theme provides the website a professional impression, and the usage of animations makes it genuinely one-of-a-kind.

We like it because: Editor X previously featured this website on their web design inspiration page. It's built in Editor X, which means that anything you see could be made in Editor X. There is no vertical scrolling, simply a single screen navigation screen full with innovative design and drawings, thanks to the unique layout that uses 100% of the viewport height.

We like it because: it's similar to Drake Related, but it gives users a more participatory experience. The visuals are bold and provide excellent contrast. The images and animations complement one other beautifully. The black and white colour scheme brings the accent colours to life and draws attention to them.

We like it because: Greetings, and welcome to the world of NFTs. When it comes to trends and design, it's impossible to escape NFTs. This website combines artistic artwork with 8-bit colours and typefaces. Scroll movements are minor, yet they help you navigate more effectively.

7. Know Your Beetle:

Why we like it: This site demonstrates how the use of typography can have a very good aesthetic impact. Scroll animations stretch the limits of interaction and provide a new way to learn about beetles. It's always wonderful to have a personalised cursor too.

8. The New Mac Studio Landing Page (Apple):

Why we like it: It makes excellent use of animation and visual design at a large scale. Scroll interactions provide a new degree of interactivity and engagement to the experience. The message is easy to navigate and since vectors, animations, and videos are expanded to their full width and height.

Why we like it: This is the ultimate classical design. Look no further than the Peleton website if you're seeking a more straightforward approach to communicate your message. It has a classic layout that is as close to flawless as possible in terms of typography, colours, and content. This design is ideal for businesses with a varied audience that are looking for a more traditional approach to a brand.

Why do we like it? Simple, basic design with beautiful typography and neutral colours. This website employs a limited quantity of pictures and media, focusing instead on the message's simplicity and impact. A pre-loading animation and a configurable cursor are two standout features. This website is prodly designed by AST & Partners. Get in contact with us to see if we can build a unique website for you too.

And with this we have finished our list of 10 creative websites to inspire from for your next Editor X website. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more content like this.


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