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Editor X Case Study: Evacu

Evacu have approached us to create their latest platform and we would love to show you the results and let you know how we got there together.

With more than 15 years of experience in medical transportation and membership solutions, the Evacu insurance, medical and emergency care experts strive daily to continue to enhance our membership offerings (at an industry-leading low price) and provide their members with best-in-class service and experience.

Why Editor X?

Evacu has made the decision to upgrade their website in Editor X and introduce a new visual style. Thanks to Editor X's infinite design possibilities in a completely flexible framework, we were able to employ our imagination to construct a layout that is engaging, colourful, and motivating.

Special Features: Animations / Sticky Position / Pricing Plans / Dynamic Pages / Grid / Forms / Text Scale / Stack / Repeater / Scroll Interactions

The distinct effects, scroll interactions, and animations of Editor X are able to drive increased engagement on your website. Numerous examples of these visual effects are implemented on both the main page and the auxiliary sites.

The new Evacu website has an original perspective on the healthcare sector, an engaging narrative, and striking graphics. The website uses Editor X elements including repeaters, scalable fonts and images, and programmable breakpoints to create a fully responsive website.

Editor X Business and Ecommerce Plans?

If you want to use your Editor X site to sell products online, you’ll need to choose one of its Business and Ecommerce specific plans. Again, there are three plans to choose from.

Should your website be in Editor X too?

Standing out in such a crowded online market place is difficult, there is always the risk you polarise your audience if you create something to visually abstract but with editor x being such a versatile platform you can create a really smooth easy to navigate website, making it easier for your guests and yourself.

If you are looking for professional support to design your new website in Editor X, get in contact with our team on or book a call in our diary directly here.


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