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10 Design Concepts to Use In Your Editor X Website (Part 1)

Updated: Mar 4

Knowing what excellent web design is—and how to accomplish it—is one of the first steps in understanding what web design is.

Every designer should be aware of a few fundamental design concepts. Applying these concepts to web design may help both novice and experienced web designers create a site with a unified appearance and feel. Of course, these are recommendations rather than specific laws to follow as we learn how to apply the many parts of a website's design.+

design concepts to use in editor x

1. Balance

Visual balance is one of the most important design concepts and it refers to making sure that no single element in a composition is excessively dominant. Drawing an imaginary line through the centre of a webpage and arranging things so that the visual weight is equal on both sides can be used in web design.

On a website, there are two major techniques to establish balance:

When the apparent weight on both sides of a line is equal and organised in a mirror image, it is called symmetrical balance. This can generate ideas of balance, elegance, and consistency when used in site design.

When the apparent weight is equal on both sides, but the composition and order of parts varies, this is referred to as asymmetrical balance (i.e., not a mirror image).

A contemporary approach is a balanced asymmetrical design that creates a more dynamic experience for the observer while keeping a beautiful harmony.

2. Contrast

Contrast is defined as the arrangement of opposing components in such a way that their contrasts are highlighted: dark and bright, smooth and rough, huge and little. When contrast is there, visitors will be captivated by its dramatic and thrilling aspects as they scroll around your site.

3. Emphasis

The focus principle informs us that not all webpage items are created equal. If there's something on your homepage that visitors should notice first, whether it's your logo, a CTA, or an image, using the concept of emphasis with the use of vivid colour, motion, or scale will ensure it's the main component of your composition.

4. Rhythm

The repeating of parts in order to produce consistency, coherence, or to highlight a certain message is referred to as rhythm.

Repetition of elements such as your logo, brand colours, and typography will also help to reinforce your brand identification and online presence.

5. Movement

When it comes to web design, movement refers to how users are guided from one element to the next. You may direct the travel of the viewer's eye around your site by altering the size, direction, and order of items on an individual web page's composition.

These are 5 out of 10 most important design concepts to use in your Editor X Website. Subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you don't miss the other five.

Getting Help a Professional Creative Studio

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