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How to Navigate the Wix Studio Editor: Beginners Guide

Step by step guide for Wix Studio Editor beginners:

Sign Up or Log In to Wix

  • Visit the Wix website and either sign up for a new account or log in if you already have one.

Access Wix Studio Editor

  • Once logged in, you might need to navigate to the Wix Studio section. Wix Studio is a newer, advanced editor, so it might be listed under a specific category for design or professional use. Look for options like "Create New Site" or specific mentions of "Wix Studio" and select it.

Choose Your Starting Point

  • Wix Studio will offer you the option to start from a blank canvas or choose from a variety of templates. If you're new to web design, starting with a template might be easier. You can select a template that closely matches the type of website you want to create (e.g., business, portfolio, online store).

Discover Wix Studio
Discover Wix Studio

  • Familiarise Yourself with the Interface

  • Take some time to explore the Wix Studio Editor interface. Look for key areas such as the sidebar for adding elements, the top menu for settings and features, and the main area where you can drag and drop elements to build your page.

how to add elements in Wix Studio
How to Add Elements in Wix Studio

Add and Customise Elements

  • Begin adding elements to your site, such as text boxes, images, buttons, and more. Each element can be customised in terms of size, colour, font, and other properties. You'll find options for these adjustments either directly on the element when selected or in the sidebar menu.

Set Up Pages

  • If your site will have multiple pages, use the pages menu to add, remove, or organize your pages. You can set up navigation menus and link them to the respective pages.

How to Add New Page in Wix Studio
How to Add New Page in Wix Studio

Preview and Test Your Website

  • Regularly preview your website to see how it looks on desktop and mobile devices. Wix Studio should offer a preview mode that lets you switch between different device views. Test functionality such as links, navigation, and any interactive elements.

Discover Wix Studio
Design Website in Wix Studio

Optimise for SEO

  • Use Wix's built-in SEO tools to improve your site's visibility on search engines. This may include setting up meta titles and descriptions, custom URLs, and more.

How to Optimise SEO in Wix Studio
How to Optimise SEO in Wix Studio

Publish Your Site

  • Once you're satisfied with your website, click the publish button to make your site live. You can still make changes after publishing; just remember to republish the site to reflect those changes.

Get Help and Resources

  • If you encounter difficulties or want to learn more about specific features, utilise Wix's help centre, tutorials, and community forums for guidance and tips.

Wix Studio Academy resources
Credit to Wix Studio

How Wix Studio is Different?

  • 100% Responsive

  • Access to Dashboard

  • Powered by Wix

  • Easy SEO Setup & Maintenance

By working with Wix Studio, you'll equip your website with a fully responsive design and unlock endless possibilities for designing creative and innovative websites that are future-proof.

Get in contact with us today and let's get started!


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