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Sustainable Businesses: We Help You Get Started

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Brands are boosting up sustainability operations in response to Millennial and Gen Z customer demand. As customers' concerns about the environment become more prominent, sustainability is becoming a huge trend across different industries.

The United Kingdom is asking for the world to be "climate resilient" by 2030, as COP26 takes place this week in Glasgow. In terms of sustainability, everyone can make a difference, but it all has to start somewhere. We can make a significant difference with just small efforts made together.

And, with the next revolution on the horizon, it begins with us at grassroots level. While huge corporations are working hard to adapt, small businesses and startups offer the most hope. We'd like to be there for you.

What We Can Do to Help You

If you're a small business in the sustainability space, we'd like to collaborate with you and help you get where you want to go faster and more affordably.

Throughout the month of November, if you are a sustainable business or startup, you can get free marketing, sales, and paid marketing campaign assistance from our team, as well as a 15% discount on all of our design packages.

You can get started with a brand new website for as little as £49/month and get an incredible new design, technical support, and access to the greatest web design experts to help your business grow.

Contact us or set up a free consultation and learn more about how we can help you start your sustainable business.

What Do We Do for Sustainability?

As a sustainability-oriented startup ourselves, we want to make our contribution to a more sustainable future and lead by example.

Here are the few steps we take every day to reduce the waste and improve our efforts to be sustainable:

1. We very rarely travel or commute for work so we have a minimal carbon emission from travel

2. Some of our team have opted for a meat-free diet.

3. We collect waste selectively and recycle

5. We minimize uploading heavy elements to the servers and delete as much of the items we don't use in design as we can

6. We use efficient UI to implement sustainable design solutions

7. We use a green energy supplier to power our office electricity

You Are Not a Sustainable Business. How Can You Play Your Part?

To be a model for next-generation businesses, even if you are not in the sustainability industry, here are a few measures you can take for your business to become more sustainable:

1. Consider where you source your materials from. When evaluating, don't forget to factor in other elements that can affect your product's carbon footprint, such as transportation.

2. Find a specialist firm that can consult you on how to grow and scale your brand more sustainably. Take Kind Studios for example who have helped a number of businesses start and scale up in a sustainable way.

3. Involve your teams in long-term projects and actions that are centred around sustainability. Shop more sustainably, consider reusing pre-loved items and measure your waste.

4. Start thinking about providing incentives for your colleagues and clients to stimulate long-term sustainability (just like we do)

AST & Partners is a Web Design Studio based in London, specialising in Wix and Editor X. Visit for details or to arrange a free consultation on your existing website.


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