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This Shoreditch Based Studio Offers Unlimited Content for a Fixed Annual Fee

Are you considering ways to promote brand awareness and keep your business top of mind for your customers? There is now a way you can create quality professional content at a fraction of the cost with this Shoreditch-based creative content-creation studio.

By producing and distributing relevant articles, videos, podcasts, and other media, content marketing is a must-do strategy to draw in, hold the attention of, and grow your audience.

It might be challenging for startups to be able to consistently and quickly create high-quality content. Your budget may be strained by the cost of producing high-quality media such as product videos, interviews, podcasts, picture shoots, and more.

This is why Dream Factory has been changing the way startups and small businesses are using content to grow their business.

Who They Are

Dream Factory is the world's first Content Creation House for Start-Ups. Located in London's Shoreditch, they are entirely committed to helping Founders create high-quality and frequent content, to increase engagement, grow their audiences and, in turn, scale their business.

Who They Have Worked With

MOJU Drinks: MOJU Drinks is a FMCG drinks brand producing healthy shots and prebiotic drinks. "We use Dream Factory for all of our product content whether that’s a photoshoot to promote our products across social media, a promotional video for advertising or a video for attracting new retailers."

Laylo: Laylo sources top quality wines - the sorts that would cost at least £12 in a fancy wine merchant - and put them into boxes that can be proudly displayed on your countertop. Each box stays fresh for 6 weeks from opening, so you can enjoy 'the odd glass'. They generate 90% less carbon than glass bottles and are 100% recyclable. "We only started using our membership a few weeks ago, but we're already benefiting from the increased volume of content. It's also fantastic to feel part of a community of founders, which we're looking forward to taking advantage of in the coming months."

An Actual Community of Founders

The word ‘community’ is thrown around a lot, but at Dream Factory, members create meaningful relationships by getting to know each other at their regular in-person events. A strict member-application policy means that you’ll be surrounded by just good founders on the same journey you are.

What's Included With the Subscription

Their subscription-based model offers startups and entrepreneurs unlimited access to:

- State-of-the-art podcast, film and photography studios

- The latest 4K cameras, audio and lighting equipment

- In-house Director of Content working with you every step of the way

(i.e. they shoot it all for you!)

- Professional headshots for you and your team

- Being part of a select community of the best and fast

- Help to grow start-up's

- Access to Dream Factory events (which include networking events,

parties, pitch days, and more). You can even throw your own!

Second Studio in Shoreditch

They have opened a second studio in July and the pricing will be altered to allow for Multi-Site access options (meaning increased shooting capacity, natural lighting along with a

stunning Private Members Lounge).

And their current members and June signups will receive this access for the 12 month subscription, at the current price of £3,999 for multi-site access.


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