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Transforming Dreams into Digital Reality: Homecomm, Editor X Case Study

Updated: Mar 4

The team at AST & Partners, in collaboration with Stephen Coade founder of Homecomm, embarked on an exceptional journey to redefine Homecomm's digital identity.


Based in the heart of Covent Garden, Homecomm specialises in integrating automation into homes. Their aim is to enhance the living experience by creating a modern, easy-to-use environment with smart technology and elegant designs. Homecomm offers bespoke solutions that simplify life and add a touch of luxury to the everyday routine.

Homecomm website designed in Editor X

What did we do? Editor X Case Study

Strategy & Research / Creative Direction / Web Design & Development / Copywriting

During our discovery call, where we defined the purpose and goals of the website, Stephen gave us a very straight forward direction to follow: "a website that stood out from his competitors and that would appear High Net With Individuals".

"They fully understood the brief from the offset."

Stephen Coade, Homecomm

Editor X Special Features: Hover Effect / Grid / Video Box / Pro Gallery / Forms / Text Scale / Stack / Repeater

Editor X website designed and developed by AST & Partners

Results & feedback, Editor X Case Study: Homecomm

"The day the website went live, my first call was to a developer who is just about to launch a development of 54 apartments. (...) I am now the recommended home technology consultant."

It was an absolute joy collaborating with Stephen, bringing his dream website to life in a way that not only showcases his exceptional work but also acts as a powerful magnet for potential clients. It's partnerships like these that remind us why we love what we do – turning dreams into compelling digital realities.

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