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Website Design Revolution: How AI Can Enhance Your Web Development Process

It's hard to avoid the conversation about AI recently, and while some are feeling really apprehensive, we at AST & Partners are really excited and see huge potential in our industry.

We chose to embrace AI and integrated it across several steps in our website design and development process. If used strategically, AI is not a replacement, but rather an enhancement to our creative and strategic processes, and here is how we use it:

1. AI for Research & Insights

At the start of every project, we use AI tools to conduct research and gather insights into our client's target audience and industry trends.

Knowing the industry and market really well can help us make key decisions about the layout, visual theme and strategic placement of calls to action. Using AI as an additional tool in our research process, we can make better, data-driven recommendations that are tailored to the industry and market specific goals.

Let's take a recent client in the travel industry for example ( In this instance, we have used AI tools to gather insights into the travel industry, including analysing data on booking habits, availability checking and decision making. It helped us understand the needs and pain points of potential customers.

Using this information, we were able to recommend a website layout that emphasises the benefits of using the client's technology in the research and booking process. We have placed calls to action focused on what potential clients are looking for the most: trust and relationship building with vendors. We were also able to tailor the design to include visuals and content that would perform best for their industry-specific goals.

2. Personalising websites with the power of Artificial Intelligence

We use the power of AI to analyse our clients customer data and tailor the UX to their customers specific needs and preferences. By analysing user data such as user behaviour on the website, integrated AI algorithms can provide personalised content and recommendations that are more relevant to the website and business needs. For example, during testing, if the data shows that users resonate with a certain colour, content, or a specific call to action, our designers will use this to update and enhance website to drive better results.

This activity can be incorporated during both discovery/planning phase, as well as an ongoing website maintenance and optimisation process.

3. Better Customer Service Using AI

There are several AI-powered chatbots like ChatGPT that can be integrated within a website to enhance customer service and support. The chatbots can answer frequently asked questions, provide information or steer your website visitors to your contact page. And the best part is that they are available 24/7.

Using AI tools can also help detect customer sentiment by analysing reviews, comments and feedback and it can suggest solutions to problems that customers are facing. There are also a number of processes in the customer service journey that can be automated with the help of AI, for example responses and actions based on specific user input on various points across the client's website.

4. Content Direction and Guidelines

For any client, writing copy for the website and sourcing images can be a long and stressful process. If a client hasn't added copywriting service to their website building, they will need to write the copy themselves.

Luckily, using AI, we are able to draft ideas and use placeholder paragraphs that will help clients with the writing process, giving them guidance and making it much easier to write with confidence.

When we build layouts and designs, we give guidance to the nature of the content we require and how to distribute it. Using AI to draft ideas and create placeholder text was of great help and we continue to use it every day.

If we need to create illustrations or bespoke photography for a project, we use AI to draft mock-ups for inspiration and use them as placeholder until the final designs are ready.

We feel that overall, AI is giving us a great opportunity to revolutionise the website design and development process. We have decided to embrace it and have already seen the results of using it in creating higher performing websites for our clients.

If you are curious and want to experience the power of AI in your website, get in contact with us or schedule a discovery call.


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