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Why Editor X is Better than Wix Editor

Updated: Mar 4

If you're reading this, you're probably considering creating a new website or redesigning an existing one for your company. This is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful: graphics, user experience, content, copy, and more.

But before you go that far, you need to determine which platform you'll build your website on. Wix has been around for 16 years ago offering an easy-to-use, no-code alternative to web building. While it was initially quite limited, it has evolved over time to become one of the leading web CMS platforms, competing with platforms such as Wordpress, Webflow and others. Wix has over 180 million registered users and is still growing.

Last year in 2021, Wix has launched a brand new website building platform promising new tools for designers with full responsiveness and CSS layer capability: Editor X. This was really exciting news as we were finally able to create stunning websites that can compete with expensive £100k+ projects. For example the OFFF Barcelona official website, one of the world’s leading design festivals, was designed in Editor X.

So let’s explore the reasons why Editor X is a better choice over Wix Editor:

1. Fully responsive websites

With Editor X, designers can now create fully responsive websites that adapt to the screen size or device screen they're using, ensuring the best possible user experience every time. Totally responsive means that the website elements adjust automatically to fit the screen size: text and images shrink or expand as the screen size changes, content displays differently at different breakpoints, and so on. This means your website will look great on both a 32-inch monitor and an iPhone 13 mini. Any brand or business looking to make a good impression must make sure their website looks great, no matter the device used.

2. Take advantage of the full width of screen

When designing with Wix, you must always avoid placing things outside of the grid. If you don't, you risk your viewers not seeing the layout and content you intended. This is no longer a problem with Editor X as you can now use CSS grids to easily modify the layout and align content according to the screen size. Use gorgeous wide-screen layouts that fill the screen from left to right and show off your brand with immersive layouts.

3. Horizontal scroll

Editor X should be your platform of choice if you want to develop containers that scroll from left to right. Horizontal scroll will offer a new depth to your design if you want to get creative and present content in innovative ways. This layout is useful if you want to go into detail about items in a list, such as "team members," "locations," and "testimonials," but don't want to add too much vertical scrolling. In this scenario, Editor X provides you with the ability to build not only vertically but also laterally.

4. Sticky sections

Sticky sections are a fun new approach to incorporate scrolling into your website. If you've used Wix before and wished you had more choices for making your content more interactive without employing animations, Editor X is the solution. The "Sticky" feature in Editor X allows content elements to "stick" in a specific position while other elements in the section scroll past them. Here's a little tutorial on how to do it yourself: And here's an example of how it works on a recent website we have built: Defy Brands

5. Even better looking websites using Lottie Animations

Lottie Animations is a third-party animation platform. Custom elements in HTML code or iframes can be used to integrate these animations into your website. This is a brief guide for both Wix and Editor X on how to add this to your website.

These animations, in combination with Editor X's ability to use "sticky" positions, will offer your website visitors an even better experience. Here's an example of both of them working together on a recently completed website:

6. Future proof your website

Because Editor X is a freshly developed technology, Wix is devoting a significant amount of time and resources to improving the platform over time. Your website will look great for years to come thanks to new features and development, and you will always be able to add new features and update the design. The difference between a website created using Wix Editor and one created with Editor X is already noticeable, and it will only grow in the future.

7. Same servers for scalability as Wix

Because Editor X was created by Wix, it runs on the same powerful servers as Wix Editor. That implies peace of mind, scalability, and low operating expenses. For further information, see the pricing for Wix premium plans:

8. Ability to work with Velo

If you have a more complex feature in mind, you can still use Velo to add code to your Editor X website, just like in Wix Editor. This means you could still create a fully working complex website with custom features using Editor X's innovative design language.

Conclusion: If your website requires visual impact, responsiveness, and unique features, you should strongly consider working with Editor X over Wix. It's a safe bridge between website building with no code and complex CSS grid design. It may not be as easy, quick or affordable to build, maintain or update as Wix Editor, but it sure is the way forward for the next generation of web design. AST & Partners is a Wix/Editor X Partner Agency and can help you develop a new design. Check out our portfolio here or book a call to discuss your project via this link.


Dmitro Makovetskiy
Dmitro Makovetskiy
Oct 19, 2023

Nice post

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Andrei at AST & Partners
Oct 20, 2023
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