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Wix Studio Case Study: The Conte Club

Updated: Mar 13

AST & Partners have recently launched The Conte Club's new website, meticulously designed and developed using Wix Studio. The Conte Club is an established, bespoke luxury travel agency, offering unparalleled experiences with a focus on food, heritage and culture.

This case study will unveil how a vision for digital elegance and functionality was brought to life, setting a new benchmark for high-end website design within the luxury sector.

Project Background

The collaboration with AST & Partners was born from a shared commitment to excellence and innovation. These were the initial aspirations and strategic goals that laid the foundation for this ambitious project:

  • Key Aesthetics: a modern, elegant design, led by images

  • Content: short, thoughtful and impactful content; a design that feels timeless

  • Feel: smooth animations blended with intuitive navigation, establishing trust and a clear call to action

The primary aim for The Conte Club's new website was to drive conversions via the contact form, followed by a secondary goal of establishing the team as global leaders in food inspired journeys.

Design Process

The journey from concept to reality was a collaborative endeavour, deeply rooted in understanding The Conte Club’s ethos and clientele. Through a series of creative explorations, AST & Partners translated the essence of luxury travel into a visually outstanding and intuitive design.

AST & Partners' Senior Designer and the team at The Conte Club worked closely together to create a sophisticated design that ensures every visitor experiences the narrative of The Conte Club from the first click.

The Conte Club website design and developed in Wix Studio by AST & Partners London
The Conte Club Home Page

Technical Development

Leveraging Wix Studio's robust capabilities, the website was engineered to not just attract but retain interest with its responsive, user-friendly interface and cutting-edge features.

Using the CMS and dynamic pages, we were able to create destination-specific landing pages, from mesmerising landscapes in the Polar Regions, to pristine beaches in the Indian Ocean.

The Conte Club website built in Wix Studio
The Conte Club Destinations

Challenges and Solutions

From adhering to high quality standards to integrating sophisticated functionalities, our solutions ensured the project's success without compromising on quality or user experience.

  1. Building a content hub of luxury travel destinations and experiences while avoiding any sense of clutter or overwhelm. We were able to craft a user interface that leveraged intuitive navigation and elegant content categorisation to help explore the resources effortlessly.

  2. Sourcing destination-specific imagery that resonated with the high-end nature of The Conte Club's offering, while maintaining authenticity. Together with The Conte Club team, we have curated a selection of photography that feels aspirational whilst still capturing the genuine essence of each destination.

  3. Creating a design that was timeless, yet capable of standing out in a competitive market. The use of clean lines, a refined colour palette, and strategic use of white space contributed to the sophisticated look of a high end design.

  4. Strong messaging without diluting the essence of luxury.

The transformation of The Conte Club’s website has helped the brand refresh their digital presence and increased their ability to convert online.

Wix Studio Website Design by AST & Partners London
The Conte Club Food Journeys

The collaborative journey between The Conte Club and AST & Partners resulted into a new website that achieves digital excellence. The project stands as a testament to what can be achieved when innovative design meets complex technology.

“One of the challenges we face as a company in a saturated luxury travel market is how to sell the same world as everyone else - and AST achieved this for us by reframing and creating a unique window for our company to be viewed through"

Whether you’re looking to refresh your brand’s online presence or start a new project, AST & Partners offer the expertise and vision to bring your aspirations to life with Wix Studio.


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