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Wix Studio vs WordPress for Small Businesses

Updated: Mar 4

The foundation of an online presence is often a well-designed website (including your branding, voice, social media & other resources).  Two of the leading platforms for website creation are Wix Studio and WordPress. Both offer unique features and capabilities, but which one is best suited for small business needs?

Let's explore their strengths and weaknesses, focusing on ease of use, customisation options, e-commerce capabilities, and overall cost-effectiveness.

Ease of Use

  • Wix Studio: Known for its user-friendly interface, Wix Studio offers a drag-and-drop builder that makes website creation straightforward, even for beginners. The platform provides various built-in templates, reducing the need for technical know-how.

  • WordPress: While offering immense flexibility, WordPress has a steeper learning curve. It's a powerful tool for those who have some technical skills or are willing to invest time in learning. The abundance of online resources and community support, however, makes it manageable.

wix studio web design

Customisation Options

  • Wix Studio: Wix offers a range of customisation options within its templates. While this can be somewhat limiting for advanced users, it simplifies decision-making for beginners. A big plus, you can now customise without any code!

  • WordPress: The true strength of WordPress lies in its customisation capabilities. With thousands of themes and plugins, it allows for deep customisation, catering to almost any business need. However every change needs to be done by an expert (sorry small business owners).

 E-commerce Capabilities

  • Wix Studio: Wix provides built-in e-commerce tools that are easy to set up, making it a good choice for businesses that are new to online sales. However, it's important to be aware of the transaction fees associated with different plans.

  • WordPress: By integrating with WooCommerce, WordPress offers a powerful and scalable e-commerce solution. This flexibility is perfect for businesses planning to expand their online sales capabilities.

wix studio web design

Overall Cost-Effectiveness

  • Wix Studio: Wix operates on a tiered pricing structure, offering different levels of functionality at different price points. It's important to consider the long-term costs and what features are included in each plan.

  • WordPress: The initial cost of setting up a WordPress site can be low, especially with free themes and plugins. However, costs can rise with premium themes, plugins, and hosting services.

SEO and Marketing Tools

Both Wix Studio and WordPress offer a range of SEO and marketing tools. Wix has built-in SEO tools that are easy for beginners to use, while WordPress, with the right plugins, can be optimised for advanced SEO and marketing strategies.

Choosing between Wix Studio and WordPress depends on your business needs, technical skills, and growth plans.

Our team at AST & Partners specialises in utilising the advanced capabilities and features of Wix Studio to create fully responsive CSS website designs.


From professional design to e-commerce functionality, we can help you achieve your desired website goals with the latest technology.


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