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A Look Inside Our Latest Wix Studio Project: a London Decorating and Painting Company

Vilson Esai, the owner of PAINT FUSION, wanted a new sleek and modern website to showcase his work in residential and commercial painting and decorating in and around London, and AST & Partners team delivered just that.

Design Process

Our latest Wix Studio project was designed with one thing in mind: easy navigation with a sleek feel to it.

Wix Studio website hero section for a residential and commercial painter and decorator company in London
PAINT FUSION Wix Studio Website
Technical Development

Using Wix Studio's smart tools and design capabilities, we have designed a website that has code-free animations, pixel-perfect positioning, unique content displayed in uniform style with the help of repeaters and so much more: a fully responsive website, user-friendly interface and cutting-edge features.

PAINT FUSION Services Section
PAINT FUSION Services Section

A modern website design was created by using sleek lines, a refined colour palette, and purposeful integration of white space, while using high-quality imagery.

View live project here.

Whether you’re looking to refresh your brand’s online presence or start a new project, AST & Partners offer the expertise and vision to bring your aspirations to life with Wix Studio.


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