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Editor X Case Study: The Europas

Updated: Mar 4

The Europas, launched by @MikeButcher & @ThePathfounder in 2009 as Europe's Hottest Tech Startup Awards event, is our newest project, and we couldn't be more thrilled to share it with you.

editor x website for events company
The Europas 2022 Home Page

The first goal of the Europas, which were established in 2009 by Mike Butcher, editor-at-large at TechCrunch, was to recognise and honour the creativity coming from Europe's expanding digital startup industry. The Europas have developed from the initial awards hosted in a London Soho pub into the premier accolades for Europe's top innovative firms.

This year it's taking place in person on the 1st November 2022 in Lisbon.

Why Editor X?

The Europas have decided to update their website in Editor X along with a fresh visual aesthetic. We were able to use our creativity to build a layout that is interesting, vibrant, and inspiring thanks to the limitless design options of Editor X in a fully responsive framework.

Special Features: Animations / Sticky Position / Events / Dynamic Pages / Grid / Blog / Forms / Text Scale / Stack / Repeater / Scroll Interactions

Your website may have new levels of engagement thanks to the Editor X's unique effects, scroll interactions, and animations. Both the primary page and auxiliary pages provide several examples of these visual effects.

The new Europas website features a fresh corporate identity, a compelling story, and eye-catching graphics. For a completely responsive website, the website makes use of Editor X components including repeaters, scaleable fonts and pictures, and configurable breakpoints.

hero section of wix website

Events Module

The Europas website uses an Events plug-in that Wix/Editor X naturally supports. It lets any business to arrange, sell tickets and manage any event, in person or online.

The Wix Events App allows users to:

Host and showcase events online Sell tickets and collect RSVPs Manage events on-the-go and check in guests with the Wix mobile app Grow the community—letting guests connect and network

This plug-in is native and requires minimal maintenance. It also features a user-friendly back end interface that is easy to learn and manoeuvre.

Dynamic Pages

Any designer wishing to construct complicated pages with dynamic data presentation needs to have access to dynamic pages. We employed dynamic pages for The Europas in a number of website sections, including Agenda, Speakers, Nominated Startups, and others.

The data presented on the front end is retrieved from a connected dataset, making data management publishing changes a fairly simple procedure. These dynamic pages ensure the design remains consistent and undamaged.

Dynamic pages also allow you to apply filters to a certain database, presenting just sections of the database content on the front end page.

wix website design for tech startup awards

Should your website be in Editor X too?

With Editor X you can design dynamic online experiences for any screen size. Use layouting tools to show distinct information in several boxes with identical design, define a minimum and maximum font size to guarantee text progressively scales in response to the screen size.

If you are looking for professional support to design your new website in Editor X, get in contact with our team on or book a call in our diary directly here.


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