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Stay in the Loop: Editor X starts the transition to Wix Studio

Updated: Mar 4

Wix Studio just announced the switch will be rolled out in phases, starting with free plan websites from the beginning of January.

wix studio transition

The migration process will be gradual, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition for all our projects. Once the update is available for your Editor X website, it will be indicated by a banner in the editor (if you can't see the option in the Editor it means the website is not ready for the upgrade).

Starting January 8, 2024, upgrades to Editor X websites will be exclusively through Wix Studio plans, marking a gradual but significant shift in website development capabilities.

By April 2024, the creation of new Editor X websites will no longer be possible as part of the ongoing transition process.

AST & Partners is thrilled to embark on the transition from Editor X to Wix Studio. This change will enable us to harness Wix Studio's advanced design features and provide our clients with cutting-edge website solutions.

We're committed to exclusively using Wix Studio, helping our clients redefine digital presence through innovative Website Design and Development in London. Our award-winning studio merges creativity with cutting-edge technology to build bespoke online platforms that captivate audiences and drive business growth.

Ready to transform your online presence?


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