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Wix Studio Updates: Stay in the Loop

Updated: Mar 4

This week Wix Studio world tour ends. The company (Wix) launched earlier this year Wix Studio, a new end-to-end platform tailored for agencies and freelancers to deliver high-end websites in a hyper-efficient way.

The in-person training has been a big inspiration for us here at AST & Partners with great onboarding sessions and interactive workshops. A wonderful way for the London Wix community to come together and connect.

Andrei Stoica and Avishai Abrahami
CEO and Co-Founder of Wix, Avishai Abrahami (right) and Founder of AST & Partners, Andrei Stoica (left)

After a fantastic week filled with meeting wonderful new people and diving deeper into the world of visual curation, we're thrilled to bring you some fresh updates from Wix Studio!

What is Index Now?

index now
Source: Microsoft

Index Now is an easy and faster way for website owners to notify the search engines of any changes made on their website (such as new/updated or deleted content). This means you won't have to wait weeks until your content is processed.

“Without IndexNow, it can take days to weeks to get content changes reflected in search engines. With IndexNow, this is more like seconds to max two days.”

Fabrice Canel, Principal Product Manager at Microsoft Bing

Ready to explore the benefits of Index Now? Near real-time notifications to search engines, better indexing efficiency and the freshest content for your site visitors. Available for all Wix Premium site owners.

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